Arte Pura

ARTE PURA was founded in Montreal. The designs are inspired by their lives in the city’s theaters, art galleries and concert halls, with a vivid dream. The brand style belongs to the sweet-cool type, with black and white as the main color, using floral floating ribbon crystal pearl elements to mix and match, handsome modern sense both sweet and girlish, such style aggregation has good reference value in design details and pattern.

ARTE PURA创立于蒙特利尔。设计灵感来自于她们生活的点滴,遍布城市的剧院、艺术馆和音乐厅,具有鲜活梦幻。品牌风格属于甜酷型,以黑白为主色调,运用花朵飘带水晶珍珠元素混搭,帅气的现代感兼具甜美少女感,这样的风格聚合在设计细节和版型上都具有好的参考价值。