Calli Mlle

Born in the romantic capital of France, Calli Mlle is a niche designer brand with the theme of “young, casual and trendy fashion”. The designer uses simple and subtle design without losing the sense of comfort to convey the brand concept to everyone, so that all women can show their independent, brave, confident and beautiful side, so that they can take their fate in their own hands.

Calli Mlle诞生于浪漫之都法国,品牌定位为“年轻休闲潮流时尚”为主题的小众设计师品牌。设计师用简洁精妙而不失舒适感的设计将品牌理念传递给大家,让所有女性都能展现自己独立、勇敢、自信、美丽的一面,从而将命运掌握在自己手中。