Diana Vevina

Based on her love for the Monegasque court style, Diana Vevina is a brand registered in Monaco with European romance and refinement, but at the same time with Italian simplicity and elegance. Inspired by the elements of the European medieval court, the brand’s style is elegant, sensual, gentle and aesthetically pleasing. The distinctive and gorgeous Diana Vevina interprets the top level of fashion and art to the world.

基于对摩纳哥宫廷风格的喜爱,设计师在摩纳哥注册创立了同名品牌 — Diana Vevina。品牌拥有着欧洲的浪漫与精致,同时又渗透了意式的简约与高贵。品牌以欧洲中世纪的宫廷元素为设计灵感,风格优雅,知性,温柔,又富有审美情调。个性鲜明且华丽的Diana Vevina,向世人诠释着时尚艺术的顶级意境。