Emotional World

EMOTIONAL WORLD was founded in Japan in 2019. Through an in-depth exploration of traditional crafts and fabrics with historical significance, the brand relays on the iconic reproduction (Remade) craftsmanship to share the vitality of traditional crafts, traditional apparel culture and history to the young audiences in a new and avant-garde way.

EMOTIONAL WORLD rejects industrial dye technique and processing, and creates each product based on the concept of plant-dye and traditional handcraft. Based on the characteristics of natural plant-dyed fabrics, the color of the product changes with the environment, so every product is unique. The origin SASHIKO thorn technique makes the texture and texture of BORO fabrics even more unrepeatable. This combination of fabrics and craftsmanship is eco-friendly, all-natural and has endless possibilities. While EMOTIONAL WORLD adhering to environmental protection and core technique, the brand is also committed to developing the possibility of combining diverse fabric dye technique and traditional handcraft from a novel perspective. All designs are not limited to any form, and derives unconventional and diversified products that conform to modern aesthetics. At the same time, brand develops combination with more diversified fabrics simultaneously, exuding the unique charm of products with infinite inclusiveness.

2019年,EMOTIONAL WORLD在日本成立。品牌通过对具有历史意义的传统工艺和面料的深入挖掘,以标志性的复制(Remade)工艺为载体,以全新的、前卫的方式向年轻受众分享传统工艺、传统服装文化和历史的活力。

EMOTIONAL WORLD拒绝工业化的染色技术和加工方式,以植物染色和传统手工艺的理念来创造每一件产品。基于天然植物染色面料的特性,产品的颜色会随着环境的变化而变化,所以每件产品都是独一无二的。源自SASHIKO的刺绣技术使BORO面料的质地和纹理更加不可复制。这种面料和工艺的结合是环保的,全天然的,具有无限的可能性。在EMOTIONAL WORLD坚持环保和核心技术的同时,品牌也致力于从新颖的角度开发多样化的面料染色技术和传统手工工艺相结合的可能性。所有的设计都不局限于任何形式,并衍生出符合现代审美的非常规和多样化的产品。同时,品牌同时开发与更多多元化面料的结合,散发着产品的独特魅力,具有无限的包容性。