June Eleven

June Eleven was founded in June 2015 by founder Erica Zhang, who comes from running a buyer’s store, and the brand name June Eleven happens to be Erica Zhang’s birthday. Erica strives to play with every fashion element and control the quality of each carefully designed garment. The most expensive is not necessarily the best, the best must be the most suitable for you. In Erica’s eyes, every woman can be exquisite without losing her spirit, elegant without losing her rate.

June Eleven 由经营买手店出身的创始人Erica Zhang创立于2015年6月,而品牌名称June Eleven正好是Erica Zhang的生日。简洁有利的线条,妩媚风情的蕾丝,诠释了品牌产品的帅气与性感。Erica努力玩转每种时尚流行元素,把控每件精心设计的服装品质。最贵的不一定是最好的,最好的一定是最适合自己的。在Erica眼里,每个女人都可以精致不失灵动,优雅不失率性。