Loosing White

Founded in 2019 by independent designer Liu Bai in Shenzhen, China, LOOSINGWHITE means “Confessions that cannot be lost” and represents the independent thinking of contemporary youth who do not care about any eyes. The brand uses classic black and white as the tone, and uses three-dimensional tailoring and adds a variety of vintage elements to make the presentation of the clothing more full and complete.

LOOSINGWHITE由独立设计师刘白在2019年创立于中国深圳。LOOSINGWHITE意为“不能失去的自白” 代表当代年轻人不必在意任何目光的独立思想。品牌以经典的黑白作为基调,并利用立体的剪裁以及添加多种复古元素让服装的呈现更加的饱满和完整。