Masion Wester

Masion Wester is a trendy brand originating from France. The designer draws inspiration from the vintage court style, and it is brought to life in every piece of clothing he designs. The perfect blend of classical elegance and fashionable avant-garde is exactly what contemporary women need. The classical elegance reveals the charm of women’s light and mature style, while the fashionable avant-garde makes this elegance not overly mature. At the same time, the bold design also makes the garment more layered, which makes people want to go on.

Masion Wester 是源自法国的潮流品牌,设计师从复古的宫廷风中汲取了灵感,并在他设计的每一件衣服上得到了淋漓尽致的彰显。古典优雅与时尚前卫完美融合,这正是当代女性所需要的。古典优雅中透露出女性轻熟风的韵味,时尚前卫又使这种优雅不会过分成熟。同时,大胆的设计也使服装更有层次感,令人欲罢不能。