Mood x Miura

MOOD X MIURA conveys the contradictory selves of modern urban women, believing that women can be as playful and romantic as teenage girls, but also as elegant as celebrities. With the design strokes of “spontaneity, independence, sophistication and elegance”, MOOD X MIURA strives to find a balance between the expression of unique self and practical wearability, thus inspiring fashionable women who pursue freedom to dress in different occasions. It’s none about concept, it’s all about mood.

MOOD X MIURA 传达的是现代都市女性多元矛盾的自我,认为女性可以同时少女般俏皮浪漫,也可以如名媛一般极致优雅。 秉承“随心、独立、精致、优雅”为设计笔触,致力在表达独特自我与实穿性中找到平衡,从而启发追求自由的时尚女性在不同的场合中穿搭所需的灵感。 It’s none about concept, It’s all about mood.