Crystal-Embellished Mini Dress

$ 217

Mood X Miura was founded in 2017. It conveys the multiple and ambivalent selves of urban young women, who can be a romantic girl and also extreme elegant as a lady.​ Adhering to the design strokes of “informality, independent, delicate, and elegant”, Mood X Miura strives to find a balance in expressing unique selves with suitable dressing, thereby to inspire the women who pursue freedom to dress in different situations. ​ With the high-quality fabrics and fine tailoring, it voice the attitude of modern independent women who refuse to fix labels and pursue life quality.​

Mood X Miura wants to present the beauty which is maverick but also accepted by the public. We are not willing to follow fashion blindly, and never cater to please.​ It‘s not about concept, it‘s all about mood.  ​

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