SOMESOWE brand was founded in New York City, USA, in 201 5 by the main manager JOYCE61, SOMESOWE consists of a group of talented people with different backgrounds and creativity, based on the concept of “modernity, innovation, pragmatism, together to explore and create interesting and rich tolerance; “SOME “SO WE” represents the diversity of contemporary women’s style; we always uphold the core concept of diversity, incorporating elements of printing, cutting three-dimensional decoration and deconstruction into our designs to create rich and cutting-edge products for women.

SOMESOWE品牌由主理人JOYCE61于201 5年在美国纽约创立,SOMESOWE由一群不同背景和创造力的人才组成,基于“现代性、创新性、实用主义概念,共同探索并创造有趣且丰富的容;“SOME”是倡导专注自我价值的态度,“SO WE”代表了当代女性风格的多样性;我们始终秉持多元化的核心理念,将印花、 剪裁立体装饰及解构等元素融入设计,为女性创作丰富前沿的产品。