The founding team of West.Y Australia brand comes from Australia and the UK with majors in fashion design and art management. West Y, hopes to incorporate the concept of daring to break through and pursuing a life without limits into fashion, courageously exploring and asserting our own style. Fashion is not just expensive, extravagant and unchanging, the pursuit of a life with attitude is the concept the brand wants to convey, hoping that everyone who wears Wes.

West.Y Australia 品牌创始团队来自于澳洲和英国的时装设计和艺术管理专业,West Y,希望将敢于突破自己,追求不设限人生的理念融入时装中,勇于探索并坚定自己的风格。 时尚不仅仅只是昂贵,奢侈,一层不变的,追求有态度的人生是品牌想要传达的理念,希望每一个穿Wes.Y 的人都不被任何标签所定义,用时尚和视觉来表达我们的内心世界,摆脱世俗束缚,不破不立,做限量版的自己。